Mediator Neutrality?

I was interviewed this by a college student for her dispute resolution class. She said as a neutral, how can I make suggestions? How can I tell people what they should think about in considering a division of property or working out a parenting plan?

I remembered a woman who came to me to review an “agreement” she and her husband had come to using another mediator. This “agreement” was only a collection of statements. In addition she brought her and her husband’s most recent tax returns. After careful review, I noted that his medical practice owned real estate. I asked her how that was to be divided; she hadn’t even known about it. When she and her husband sat down with the previous mediator, the mediator asked, “Well, what do you want?” After 37 years of marriage as a doctor’s wife, how could the woman know what was possible to want? Both parties needed guidance.

“Neutral” does not mean indifferent. My style of mediated divorce I call “guided divorce.” I make sure no item, no account, no necessity is overlooked

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